I'm Liz and I'm a corporate dropout turned lifestyle designer, entrepreneur and part-time philosophizer. I speak German and I'm a die-hard Individualist.

A Life On Your Terms is about recognizing the power of the individual (you) and rediscovering your love for being alive by claiming your right to live a life of your own.

It's about making the choice to become an active participant in your life rather than a bystander. It's about stepping up and taking responsibility for how you'll live from now on. Tell me more!
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ALOYT In Action: How One Women Walked Away From Two PH.Ds to Live a Life on Her Terms

Note from Liz: This is a guest post by Katie Benedetto. Katie Benedetto Jones is a former Ph.D. student who left the world of mathematics to become a web developer. She now develops Critter.Co, a fun personal growth tool and game.  Once upon a time, I was a Ph.D. student in mathematics at a top [...]

This Is The Story Of Your Life

If I wanted to get to know you, I would get you to tell me your story. Rather, I’d ask you to tell me all the stories that make up your life. Your life is, in essence, an accumulation of stories. There’s a story of childhood. A story about how you got your first broken [...]

How to Free Yourself From Fear of Judgement

Search youtube for ‘babies dancing’ and you’ll see video after video of children moving to the music in the only way they know how: to the beat of their heart. There’s not one child postering or monitoring his movements in the mirror. You won’t find any video’s of kids apologizing for their horrific dance moves. [...]