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A Life on Your Terms helps you achieve a purposeful, conscious, and happy life based on what you want out of your life.

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You could also call this non-conformity, but it’s specific to you as an individual and goes deeper than external actions. It’s a fundamental paradigm shift in the way you view the world. Once you get there, I mean really get there, it’s permanent and you can’t go back.

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I’ve found that the source of a lot of unhappiness in this world is because people keep denying their worth as individuals.

  • You let other people make you feel bad for thinking differently.
  • You act on ideas that have indoctrinated into you rather than ideas you truly believe in.
  • You are taught to think that wanting things for yourself is somehow bad or ‘selfish.’
  • You are told that life isn’t about YOU, it’s about doing things for everyone else but yourself. When the truth is that when you do what you’re passionate about, they help those around you tenfold.
  • You are taught to sacrifice your happiness, which is the one thing in the world that belongs to you by right.
  • You are made to feel bad and/or guilty for having confidence in yourself (egotistical) or for wanting money (greedy) or for thinking that you are intelligent/attractive/funny (cocky).

I got sick of it. After coming to the realization myself that it was ok to just be me, my life changed dramatically. I couldn’t believe that I ever lived any other way. I was suddenly free of guilt, immune to reproach, and had a crystal clear understanding of what I wanted to achieve in the short time I have here on earth.

What I want to achieve is a mass movement of individuals coming alive and recognizing the immense value that is their life.

I want to help you rediscover that feeling you had when you were a child and everything and anything was possible.

You have the right to live for yourself.

You have the right to hold your happiness above all else. It’s the only thing you come into this world with: a finite time span of consciousness that we call life. And it’s YOURS.

Do. Not. Squander it.

Do not let anyone tell you it’s bad to think for yourself. Happy people are people that have addressed their own needs and are now ready to give to others. Unhappy people ignore their needs and resentfully give to others.

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The most common regret of terminally ill people is this:

I wish I’d had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me.

Take their word for it before it’s too late for you. It’s time to come back to life. Live a life on your own terms.

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