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Hi, and welcome to A Life on Your Terms. I’m Liz and I’m here to tell you that no matter where you’ve been, what you’ve done, what you haven’t done, or what you don’t have, you can begin designing your dream life right now.

I’ve taken an unconventional path to where I am today, but I made it. If you’re interested in how a little Puerto Rican girl came to be an Entrepreneur and Engineer by training, continue reading. If you want to learn more about A Life on Your Terms and how it’s going to change the rest of your life, Click here.


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An Unconventional Path

It’s NOT a Cinderella Story.

It’s a Liz Story. 

I’m from New York, New York

Twenty-five years ago I was born in Belview hospital in New York City. I lived my first decade in the South Bronx which, in the early 80’s, was no walk in the park.

At ten years old we moved to Florida and I became a beach bum (see left). I got my GED and went to community college to study humanities and piano with a side of calculus.

When I decided that community college wasn’t for me, I got a bartending license.

My future seemed bleak indeed (or so I was told).

Bienvenido a Miami

Then, on a whim, I applied to the University of Miami and got in on a $25,000 scholarship. That’s half tuition, the highest any transfer student can get. I picked, for absolutely no particular reason, Biomedical Engineering as a major.

I am the only person in my entire graduating class of Biomedical Engineers who received a degree without ever graduating high school or taking an SAT.

I decided to take the 80/20 rule with college. There’s only so much you can stuff in your brain without turning it into Southern Grits (delicious but not useful for brain matter). The problem is that in college, you really don’t have to know anything to pass a class.

After I learned this, it was game on. I focused on not getting anything lower than a C and staying at a 2.0average. Then I poured my effort into activities and having a great time (see left).

Within two years I became the President of the University of Miami Society of Women Engineers(see right) and also the Engineering Student Body President.

I wasn’t the perfect student. It didn’t matter. I’m glad I wasn’t the perfect student, because leading those organizations taught me more than all four years of college combined.

Moral of the story? College degrees are over rated.

So fresh & so Swiffer clean

I got hired into one of the most elite companies in the world, Procter & Gamble, as a Process Engineer. The salary was a dream for any student, especially one graduating in the beginning of a recession. I sure did have high hopes.

I really did try too. See, that’s me on the right picking pumpkins in Cincinnati after doing a Corn Maze. A CORN MAZE.

Then I found out that work is a lot like college, except in order to join the clubs you have to sell pieces of your soul. I rather liked my soul. So, after a year of working this job, I found myself unemployed in a different city with nothing but a Tim Ferris book my bible, Atlas Shrugged, and the entire collection of Harry Potter novels. I kid you not.


Then I failed. I failed miserably. My failure will be documented in detail in a different post, but it was outstandingly epic. So what did I do? I got another corporate job. Except this time for a smaller company… can you guess where this is going?

I’m unemployed. No. It’s worse. I’m self-employed. *GASP*

It’s become such a dirty word. As if working for yourself makes you some kind of outlaw. Some kind of renegade running from all that is normal and stable in the word. Well I’m done with normal.

I tried it. I hated it. I stopped it.

The choice was that easy. There was nothing gained by putting my effort into a company that made me feel sick.

Epic WIN

Now I run ALOYT and live in Greenville, NC with my dude and our pets.

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