Bucket List

I’ve been writing down things that I want to accomplish in my lifetime for about four years now.

The problem with this list is that it’s been stuck in my journal and I can’t ever see it. I decided that I needed someone to hold me accountable.

I can’t think of anyone more suited for that job than you guys!

I mean, it will be really embarrassing if an entire year goes by and I don’t complete even one thing. So here goes:

1.) Run 1/2 marathon

2.) Compete in a dance competition

3.) Hire a personal accountant

4.) Hire a personal assistant

5.) Become knowledgeable in financial topics (investing, stocks, etc)

6.) Visit the stock market

7.) Learn how to shoot a gun

8.) Own a motorcycle & learn to ride

9.) Learn about cars well enough to be my own basic mechanic

10.) Build something mechancial from scratch

11.) Learn to play the piano. Participate in a live performance

12.) Become a yoga instructor

13.) Have a library with 1000 books at least

14.) Become fluent in Spanish, German, and French

15.) Become conversational in Italian, Russian, and Portuguese

16.) See all world wonders

17.) Live in complete isolation for a month

18.) Be a published author (physical book)

19.) Go on a safari

20.) Hike to the top of a mountain

21.) Spend a week living with Tibetan monks

22.) Spend two weeks in the rainforest

23.) Go ruin diving in Egypt and Cambodia

24.) Get my boating license

25.) Go on an Australian Safari

26.) Poodles. Own them. 2.

27.) Own a book (or at least see one) that is more than 500 years old

28.) Drive an Aston Martin Vanquish on the Autobahn.

29.) Have dinner in the home of a native Chinese woman (be invited)

30.) Live 100% healthily (vegan, daily exercise, and positive attitude w/meditation daily)

31.) Get my pilots license

32.) Ride a camel through the desert

33.) Make a painting and sell it for at least $100

34.) Own a potters wheel

35.) Fly in a helicopter

36.) Swim with Dolphins

37.) Buy an RV and drive around America for a year

38.) Meet Pamela Slim

40.) Go on a cruise

41.) Give a TEDx talk

42.) Give a TED talk

43.) Start an world-wide movement of individuals coming to life, realizing the full potential they have as a human being, and living their life on their own terms.

44.) http://toughmudder.com/ <—— DO THIS

That’s it. I can’t tell yet if it’s too ambitions or not ambitious enough but there it is. Out for everyone to see.

I better get to work.


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