Niche Site, Blogging, & Writing Resources

Here is a list of resources that I have looked at. Again, this is not all of them. That would be ridiculous, but these are the ones I spent more than 10 minutes looking into. If you think that I did a good job putting together a resource page for you, why not share it?


The ones that are in bold I highly recommend. Anything that’s not bold I have used in depth, but I don’t necessarily recommend. Not because it’s bad, but because I decided to go a different way.

Some of these are affiliate links. That means if you click on the link and purchase something, I will get a commission. Thank’s in advance if you decide to go through my link. I’ll only create affiliate links to products/services that I believe in. If you have any problems with any of them (or anything on this list for that matter) don’t hesitate to contact me. I’m at your disposal.

If you don’t see a resource on here that you think is really valuable, please tell me! Also, it took a long time to do this so go ahead and share it would ya? Link to it on your site if you want or like our Facebook page. 


Free niche site building guides
Niche Site Links & Blogs
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Free niche site building guides

SPI: The Smart Passive Income Blog hosted a Niche Site Challenge with Tyrone Shum. He goes through his entire experience step by step and did a very good job of documenting everything. Most of his content is written up into posts, and it is organized by week.

This is where I got most of my backlinking strategies from. If you want to start somewhere, start here.

Tyrone ShumTyrone is primarily a video blogger and is the guy who challenged Pat Flynn from the SPI blog. He goes through his entire niche site creation process over video. If you are having a hard time and you really need some step-by-step instruction you should go to his site and watch all of his videos.

His process is a little different from Pat’s, but they both get you to the same place. I took a little from each and adapted my process to meet my needs.

Chris Guthrie: Chris is a genius when it comes to making money with niche sites and the Amazon affiliate network. He’s always coming up with great tools and if you become a subscriber to his site you get a 10 part niche site building course PLUS his Niche Profit Course for free which is worth $97. I actually paid for this course so it’s a good deal.
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Niche Site Links & Blogs

The Niche Site Duel HubPat Flynn created a hub where he, along with anyone else who was interested in also doing the challenge, could document their struggles and experience. Several people (if not dozens) did this challenge with him and if you want to see some of their results you can do that here.

Make Money With Amazon – This is of course Chris Guthrie again doing what he does best and teaching us how to kick ass with the Amazon affiliate network.

Niche Pursuits: Go to blog for all things niche related.

My 4 Hr Work Week: I love this blog. He only started blogging a few years ago and he’s got a lot of amazing content.

Think Traffic: Ok so this is not actually a blog about niche sites but every single article on this blog will be useful to you in some way or another. Building traffic to your site is always relevant. Even though building traffic to a niche site may employ different tactics, the process is the same.

Social Triggers: This is just a great blog all around. If you want to know how to hook your visitors right away, visit Social Triggers. It’s definitely one of my favorites.

Smart Passive Income : Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income has the ability to create the most thorough, in depth, detailed content while doing it pretty often. There’s no such thing as a half-assed post from Pat Flynn. He takes it all the way every time. Check out his niche site duel hub, and also check out the more recent articles about where he is taking his niche site next.

Rich Kent: Rich Kent is not technically a niche site expert, but he does do a lot of affiliate marketing which is how a lot of niche sites make money. His site is loaded with a ton of useful content for building websites, SEO, the works. He even will build a website for you, SEO optimized and with content for a fee.

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Finding your niche

Market SamuraiMarket Samurai is my favorite Keyword Research tool in the whole wide world. I’ve tried everything on this list and I just find that Market Samurai has everything and more. It’s really all that. The interface is friendly, you can be as thorough or as superficial as you want with your research. You have a rank tracker and anchor text analysis. It’s everything a girl ever dreamed of. This is an affiliate link but I truly do love Market Samurai.


Long Tail ProI tried Long Tail Pro for about 2 weeks and then asked for a refund (huge mistake). Not because it was bad, but because I just liked Market Samurai so much better and funds were tight. If you get the free trial of Market Samurai and find that you are just overwhelmed, either get in touch with me, or buy Long Tail Pro.

I say this because after I asked for a refund, I realized what a terrible mistake I made and bought it again (Spencer if you ever read this, I’m sorry I ever doubted you). Long Tail Pro is fast, easy to use, and somehow magically finds long tail keywords that never come up on my Market Samurai searches. I use both now simultaneously for doing KW research. I use Long Tail Pro to find a lot of good possibilities fast, then I use Market Samurai to really dive into the niche and see if it’s worth going after.

Google Kewwords Tool: I like the Google KW tool and I use it often to compare results I get from different places. I just like to use Market Samurai better. This is a free KW research tool so that’s a plus.

SpyFu: I’ve heard a lot of great things about SpyFu. It’s probably just me, but I found the interface complicated. I love Longtail Pro and Market Samurai. That’s what it boils down to.

Keyword Canine: I haven’t used Keyword Canine in depth, but it is another tool for finding keywords.

Niche Site Profit Calculator: This little gem was put together by Adsense Flippers. Basically you enter some info and it spits out an estimated monthly revenue for your potential niche site.

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Creating Your Site

BluehostI use Bluehost for all of my hosting services. They have been reliable for me. The interface is easy and you get one click WordPress installations among other really nice features if you build websites. Some bloggers use Host Gator, but I don’t have any experience with them. I believe the vote is split 50/50 between these two.

WordPress: For me there is WordPress and then there is everything else. And that’s all I got to say ’bout that.

Thesis: This theme is expensive, but it is the theme for serious bloggers. It’s competitor, Genesis, is also comparable. They offer the greatest amount of flexibility for your site so that you have the potential to create completely different looking sites with the same theme. Genesis and Thesis can also be used with child themes.

Theme ForestI like Theme Forest because you can get free & premium themes along with plugins and other goodies. I like them more than Woo Themes because I feel like the selection is wider. However some people like Woo Themes better.

Elegant Themes: This was one of the best purchases I’ve ever made. For $39 Elegant Themes gives you access to something like 70 different WordPress themes. All of the themes are completely different and they come with great widgets and an awesome admin panel for editing theme options. I really like Elegant Themes and if you want a great one-stop-shop for all of your sites, go here.

Woo Themes:Woo Themes is another hub for WordPress and other themes. Like I said above, I’m a bigger fan of Theme Forest, but I have been known to rock a Woo theme or two.

MailChimpIf you’ve heard it once, you’ve heard it a million times. Start building your email list early on. Even if you think you don’t have a list to build. You can always use your list for something and starting it sooner rather than later is going to be to your advantage. I use Mail Chimp only because I don’t want to pay for this service just yet. It’s good enough for my purposes.

Aweber: Aweber is a paid email subscriber list building platform. I haven’t used it because, like I said, I don’t want to pay for this yet as my lists aren’t big enough to warrant the investment. Most other sites with larger numbers of traffic use Aweber.

ReviewAzonReview Azon is an awesome plugin if you are creating Amazon sites. You can basically automate your entire posting process using ReviewAzon. Check it out for more details because it’s too much to explain here, but it has the possibility of cutting the time you spend on your Amazon site in half, if not more.

Easy AzonEasyAzon is kind of like REviewAzon’s baby. It doesn’t have all of the powerful features that ReviewAzon does, but it’s really handy to use on any site you might want to sell Amazon products on. If you’re not creating an entire site based off of Amazon you should go with EasyAzon because using ReviewAzon in that case would be like cutting butter with a samurai sword. I use Easy Azon on all of my sites. Even if I have ReviewAzon. Sometimes I want to do something quickly and Easy Azon is just a lot more accessible. It’s also more affordable.

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Content Creation

TextBroker: I use TextBroker for all of my article writing that’s important. The prices are competitive and you can choose what level you want your article to be written at. It ranges from 2 stars (which is just readable) to 5 stars (which is professional quality). You don’t have to take bids or sift through prospects. All you have to do is enter the order and they do the rest. A qualified writer based on your topic and the quality level you specified will get the article and write it within 24 hrs of getting the job. Turn around is great and I haven’t gotten a bad article yet.

My Article Express: My Article Express is a lot like TextBroker except I find that the quality is not as good.

Scripted : Scripted is a writing service that you can use if you are building a site around a technical topic. They specialize in writing about SEO, JavaScript, PHP, CSS, etc.

ArticleZ: Another place to order articles. Haven’t used them because I’m happy with TextBroker

Spin Rewriter: This is, hands down, the best article spinning software out there. Let me count the ways in which it kicks ass:

  • The spinning is of awesome quality. You can get a unique article spun without having to make barely any corrections
  • They correct articles (a/an), punctuation and grammar.
  • You don’t have to download software because it’s all online.
  • It’s only $27 for six months (at the moment).
I’ve used every spinning software out there and this has been the best. I highly recommend it.
Content Professor: I used content professor for a while when I wasn’t spinning as often. It’s pretty good. It’s free if you don’t save your articles to your account. The quality is just like other spinning programs.

The Best Spinner: The Best Spinner came highly recommended so I bought it ($84). The interface is not so great (in my opinion it’s horrible) and the articles that you get spun almost always need a ton of revision unless you go through your article word by word and select the correct synonyms.

This is ok I guess if you are generating forty-fifty unique versions, but usually I only need 2 or 3 at the most.

CopyScape: CopyScape lets you check if content is unique or not. I do this when I get an article from a place that may or may not be trustworthy. Just copy and paste your article and it will find if it’s anywhere on the internet.

I also use it to find out if I’ve posted an article somewhere yet. If you see the backlinking strategy drawn up by Pat, you’ll see that it can get confusing to know what articles you submitted where.

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Hohli: Holi is really cool for anyone doing technical work they have to share. You can generate dynamic charts, generate embedded code for blog (Habrahabr), jQuery library for emulate iPhone user interface, JavaScript Library for implementation of Mouse Gestures, etc.

Google Public Data: You can build a graph or infographic out of public data from Google. The kind of data available is usually really really statistical in nature and is more useful for white papers than blogs in my opinion.

Many Eyes: I like Many Eyes because you can help people visualize data sets, which is usually done only through regular charts. Just upload a dataset and go. Not for everyone, but if you work with data you should check it out.

Wordle: Wordle creates a ‘word blob’ as I call it from a document. The most the word occurs in a document, the larger that word will be. You can change colors, fonts, and even some word placements. It’s free and it’s super easy. I love it.

PiktochartI LOVE Piktochart. When you need to create an infographic, this is the place to do it! You can get both a paid and a free account. Piktochart used to be 9.99 a month, but now it’s 14.99 a month. It’s worth it. I actually lucked out with a special going on at Appsumo where you can get an entire year for $50 which is a bargain. I don’t know how long it will last so don’t yell at me if that link doesn’t work sometime in the future and I don’t get around to taking it down.

amCharts: Meh. Graphs and stuff. Simple and it lets you generate html instead of having to put it on your site as a picture.

Stock Xchng: This is a great place to get free stock photos. Obviously the selection won’t be as big as the paid sites like iStockPhoto, but it’s free and you can usually find what you are looking for.

Dreamstine: Dreamstine is a new find of mine. You can find free images there and you can also buy some for a fraction of what they would cost at the big named stock photo sites.

30 other sites for InfoGraphics: Someone went ahead and put together this post so I didn’t have to. Don’t you love when that happens?

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Affiliate Networks & Income Streams

Google Adsense: You know what google Adsense is! People have written entire books about Google Adseense so I won’t go into detail here.

Niche lead generation and local affiliate programs: Click on the link for more info. This is an article about generating leads for local companies in your area. He makes a great point in that there is a lot of money to be made in generating leads (i.e. for education, auto insurance, etc) but it’s extremely competitive. It may not be so competitive in a local environment.

Clickbank: This is the premier 3rd party affiliate network for downloadable stuff. For example, a lot of premium plugins, themes, and online courses are sold through Clickbank. I haven’t had much of a need for them since I only sell physical products, but I have bought a lot of software from Clickbank and they seem to know their stuff.

Buy Sell Ads: This company serves as an easy go-between for people who want advertisers to buy space on their website, and for advertisers looking for suitable sites to place advertisements. Instead of putting an empty box with ‘your advertisement here,’ you can go through Buy Sell Ads and they’ll do some matchmaking to find you a good advertiser.

ShareASale/Linkshare/Commission JunctionShareASale, Linkshare, and Commission Junction handle accounts for the big boys in business. For example, you’re more likely to find Tiger Direct etc on ShareASale, Linkshare and Commission Junction than you are to see software or plugins. This is isn’t a rule! DIY Themes actually works with ShareASale. Scribe also uses ShareASale. See below for scribe, the best SEO plugin for WP ever created.

ShareASale is more likely to work with companies like, Survival Food, where you can find companies like or

Linkshare has a huge perk. It allows you to create ‘deep’ links. All of these affiliate networks will give you some set codes to work with, or just your affiliate link to the website. However, with linkshare you can choose any page on a site and input the URL in linkshare. Out comes your affiliate link for that specific page. That’s why Linkshare represents Walmart.

Commission Junction also has large accounts like Monster and

These networks require you to have a certain amount of commission generated each month or you have to pay a feel. They may also require you to deposit a chunk of money into your account so that they know you can always pay affiliates.

Affiliate SeekingThis site has a really comprehensive database of all companies that have affiliate networks. Sometimes a company does their own affiliate management. They may not even advertise that they accept affiliates on their sites. You can search here for a specific company or just companies related to your niche that you want to become an affiliate for.

Click2Sell: Click2Sell is ok. I don’t find that they have a diverse set of products for me to choose from. It sells a great deal of informational products that you can download (like Clickbank) but the products look spammy. Some examples include: FxVoodoo, which claims it can double your income in a month, and a product called $700 in 2 months.

PayDotComI find that they have a small set of products. Not great imo, but you may want to check it out.

eBay Partner Network: I’m not a part of the eBay Partner Network, but I hear it’s a good one and you can also use it to generate income from article writing on sites like and

Amazon AssociatesOh Amazon. How I love and hate it. The commissions are low, and the cookie lasts a fraction of the time that it does on affiliate networks like CJ, LS, and SaS above. BUT it is a well recognized and trusted brand and you could potential generate a lot of income from it. They also have a lot of super awesome plugins you can use to make managing a niche site full of Amazon products a piece of cake.

Two clicks Mall: I have considered buying this plugin for WordPress for a long time, but I just don’t have $200 to drop on it yet.

It lets you create an ‘online shopping mall’ for visitors by integrating all of your affiliate programs into one interface.

For example, if you have accounts with Clickbank, Click2Sell, Amazon Associates, Affiliate Bot, Ebay, PayDotCom, and a few more, you can get product posts generated automatically from all of them. You can define rules to grab products from each program and you can set the keywords that will grab the products.

It also schedules it all for you and will post under different random authors if you want.

To be fair, you can choose which affiliate networks you want included in your software. It’s $19 each and there are 11 of them. If you get all 11 you pay $147.

It sounds really cool but I’m still hesitating. If you try it, let me know how it goes.

Affiliate bot: This is another affiliate network. I haven’t used this one at all, but it looks like it has a lot of unique merchandise and may be worth checking out if you have time. I mean REALLY unique.

e-junkie:  I haven’t had a chance to use e-junkie yet, but I’ve heard great things about it. Especially when it comes to selling downloads. They automate and secure the download of the files and codes so you don’t have to worry about it. They also give you a shopping cart and buttons you can put almost anywhere. The checkout uses everything from Paypal to ClickBank.

You can also sell physical products through e-junkie and they handle all of the shipping calculations and inventory management.

KonteraSee Infolinks below.

InfolinksInfolinks generate in-text links for advertisers. You know when you go to or something and there is a double underlined word? When you hover over it you get a pop-out thing? That’s an Infolink or a Kontera link.

I use it on a couple of sites, but I find that it really annoys the living shit out of most people. The payouts, in my experience, haven’t warranted such harassment so I’ve since stopped using them. Mostly.

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WordTracker Free Keywords ToolWordtracker will let you use some of it’s features for free, but to get the full experience you need to pay $67/month. It’s an awesome paid tool. It does Keyword research, backlinking, and a lot of other things for SEOs. It’s not as awesome as a free tool.

Drop My Link: I have used this extensively recently and have been able to get really high PR page back links. Drop My Link searches the web for dofollow blogs, Commentluv blogs, Livefyre blogs, edu blogs, etc that mention your keyword.

SEOmoz: I love SEOmoz. It is also a paid tool like WordTracker that you can use for free if you sacrifice a lot of the features. I haven’t been able to buy it yet, but I loved it while I was on trial. It goes really in depth, analyzing your links, pinpointing where your SEO weaknesses are, and monitoring your ranking.

The best thing about it is that it lets you compare five URL’s at the same time. I do this with my competitors so I can see how many backlinks they have over me and where they are getting them from.

Plans start at $99/month. 🙁

The SEOmoz plugin for Chrome is really awesome as well. It generates all of the SEO data for you for each site right on the search page.

Seo Book Keyword Suggestion Tool: SEO Book is powered by Wordtracker. Its a keyword research tool that will give you the regular daily search volume info, adwords prices, how much traffic you can expect depending on your rank in google, Links to Google Trends and other Google tools.

I haven’t used it personally, but I did look into extensively when I was deciding what tool to use. It has many more features so I would go look into it yourself before making any decisions.

The primary reason I didn’t go for this tool was because the membership is $300/mo.

Seo Keyword Ranking: This is a monthly subscription program that gives you detailed ranking information on each of your projects.

It tracks your rank, tells you who your competitors are, tracks your ranking for multiple keywords and sends you regular reports about your progress.

I never used this because Market Samurai has a Rank Tracker that works just fine for my needs. I know I got grandfathered into the program for free. I’m not sure how it works for newcomers but you can check here.

SEO Profiler: This software is supposed to be your own personal SEO ninja. It monitors your rank, optimizes your website, gives you information on competitor backlinks/adwords analysis, builds backlinks for you ,etc.

It will even give you a pie chart of your anchor text so you know you are diversifying enough.

It has a lot of great features that are really helpful if you can afford the $19/mo.

Plans range from $19 – $249/mo depending on how many Projects you have/keywords you want tracked.

You can actually try it for free without paying anything upfront. Clicking on SEO Profiler above will take you to the sign up page to try it out. Unfortunately you won’t have all of the features but it gives you a good idea of what the software is capable of.

ScribeScribe is a child of CoppyBlogger Media. Scribe is a WordPress plugin that dominates all other SEO WordPress plugins. Of course it’s not free, but it’s so worth it if you have the money.

It will show you what your readers are actually searching for before you begin writing. Also, after you’re finished with a post, it will tell you if you have any other good keywords in your content. It analyzes your content for SEO best practices and tells you what to do exactly to make your site better.

It helps you build back links right in your post by searching the web for related articles that you can comment on. This is without ever leaving wordpress! It also helps with crosslinking your site.

ClickTale: This is an incredibly powerful tool you can use to see everything your visitors are doing on your site. It creates ‘heat maps’ that you can view to see where the highest density of action is on your site.

They can record every move of your visitors mouse, clicks, ‘Attention’ and ‘Scroll-Reach.’ It’s crazy stuff. I wish I could afford it. If you can, I’d recommend it.

It’s pretty expensive starting at 99/mo for 20,000 page views per month and ends at $990/mo for 300,000 page view per month.

Web Gnomes: Web Gnomes is all SEO, SEM, Social medial marketing and friendly service. If you want a personal touch with great results, go with the Gnomes.

Unique Article WizardThis is how I get most of my back linking done. UAW will send your articles (spun) that have a backlink to your site to hundreds of different directories. I usually do 5-8 articles per day. Your campaign ends when Market Samurai runs out of directories to submit to.

For a more detailed explanation of Unique Article Wizard, see the next point.

Backlinking Strategy – Pat FlynnThis is the article you want to read if you want step by step instructions about the most effective way to backlink. Most of my methods come from this article.

Point Blank SEO Backlinking Strategies: Jon Cooper of Point Blank SEO has put together the most comprehensive list of ways to get backlinks on the internet. You can filter through them so that it’s not so overwhelming.

Submit Edge Directory Submission Service

Drip feed links: I really wish I could afford this.

Drip Feed Links will submit comments and forum postings that backlink to your site. You can run an unlimited amount of projects, but the number of links you can build depends on how many backlinks you want built per day.

They do it ‘slowly and carefully’ so you can avoid the Google Sandbox.

Traffic Travis: Traffic Travis is kind of like a free version of Market Samurai and Long Tail Pro. Not literally, but it serves the same sort of purpose.

However, where MS and LTP focus primarily on research for new sites, Traffic Travis focuses on monitoring and optimization of current sites. Not that you can’t do keyword research, because you can, but it’s better used as a tool to improve the ranking of your current site.

It’s free for five projects (websites). There are other small limitations to the free version, but it will serve a beginner well. Especially if you can’t spend any money at all.

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Outsourcing Resources

vWorker: I’m not a fan of vWorker. Their interface is horrible the last time I used it, making it nearly impossible to screen candidates quickly.

Fiverr: I LOVE fiverr. If you need to get something quick done and you’re not incredibly worried about the quality, use Fiverr. Every job there costs $5. I’ve gotten some pretty awesome articles written (over 500 words) on Fiverr for only…wait for it…$5. You can add additional services like quick turn around or extra words for an addtional amount set by the contractor.

You can order anything you can think of. I mean ANYTHING. Like some people sell stuff like ‘I will sing and dance for you in a bikini for $5.’

elance: Elance is my outsourcing platform of choice. I’ve used all of the others and I just find the contractors on Elance to be the most agreeable. The interface is really good and I’ve had 100% great experiences.

oDesk: oDest is exactly like Elance. However, I find that ODesk is just way too overwhelming when it comes to contractors. It’s nice to get a lot of bids. But when you have 50 bids in the first hour and half of them are templates, it gets to be more work than it’s worth.

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List of Useful WordPress Plugins

404 Redirected: This has been one of my most useful plugins. Especially when I was a beginner and I would change permalinks without thinking about it. Here are some of the features it offers that I copy and pasted from it’s page in the WP Plugin Directory:

  • Get list of 404 URLs as they happen inside the admin panel
  • Easily redirect 404 URLs to existing pages or choose to ignore the 404 error
  • Provides the ability to automatically create redirects based on the URL the visitor was most likely trying to visit
  • Provide visitors with a list of suggested pages on the 404 page when a automatic redirect can not be made
  • Ability to suggest tag and category pages
  • Ability to create automatic redirect for misspelled tag and category pages
  • Ability to view logs of hits to 404 pages and redirects including referrer data
It’s great because I know everytime someone gets a 404 message, what link they came from, and what the plugin did for them. That way every time I made a legit mistake (i.e. messed up a link on an article that has now been delivered to 200 article directories), I can set up a permanent redirect for that link. I may have never known otherwise that I was sending people to a broken link.

Broken Link Checker: Broken Link Check is a life saver for when your site gets big (if you are building an authority niche site). It monitors links everywhere on your site and detects links that don’t work, missing images, or bad redirects. It notifies you on your dashboard or by email that something is broken.

It also has other cool options like making broken links look differently so that you notice if you forgot to fix it the first time. Or you can choose to have search engines not to follow broken links, etc.

Clean Archives Reloaded: This sets up a nice archive page for your posts.

CommentLuv: CommentLuv encourages engagement on your site by giving people the option to display a link to their latest blog post according to their feed. You can set it up so that every link is no-follow, or subscribers are do-follow, etc.

You can also pay to get premium options. For instance, in the premium version you can have people tweet/ +1/like your post for a do-follow link and other perks.

Contact Form 7: Nice and simple contact form if your WP theme doesn’t come with one (Elegant Themes come with nice contact forms so in that case it’s irrelevant.)

Google XML Sitemaps: You need an XML sitemap for Google. Period. This plugin will generate one for you, optimize for search engine spiders.

Easy Tweet Embed: I found out about Easy Tweet Embed from Tom at Leaving Work Behind. It installs a button in your visual editor. When you click the button, you just type in what you want to be tweeted and the anchor text for the link that your reader will press when tweeting. For example: Click here to try it out.

WordPress SEO: This is like All in One SEO Pack but so much better. It has everything All in One SEO Pack has but way more. It scores your posts for you (red, yellow, green) for KW density, you have a sneak peak to what your post will look like in the Google search interface. You can even upload all of your settings from other SEO plugins into WP SEO so that you don’t lose any of you hard work.

On top of that, you can export your settings so that whenever you build a new site, all you have to do is import the settings. No more setting it up multiple times. I highly recommend it.

Simple WordPress Backup: This is exactly what it sounds like. A simple plugin to backup your WordPress site. You can choose to have your site emailed to you once a week. There’s also WordPress Backup to Dropbox, which is also self explanatory. Both are fine as long as you are backing up your site someway, somehow.

The Slide by SimpleReach: The Slide gets you that cool slide thing that comes out of the bottom right corner of the screen when you reach the end of the posts. It usually says something like “Recommended for you” or “Articles related to xyz” or something like that.

You see it on a lot of sites because it’s a good way to keep your visitor engaged.

WP SocializerThis is the best social WP plugin I’ve ever had. I’ve tried so many and always one of them was missing something. This one has it all.

All of the social sharing buttons you see on this site are from this plugin except for in the right sidebar. That’s another plugin called the Ultimate Follow Me Plugin by Free Blog Factory.

Hello Bar for WordPress: This plugin lets you copy and paste your code from into the WordPress admin interface. It’s that little bar you see at the top of the website urging you to sign up for my ebook :).

FD Feedburner Plugin: This plugin redirects the main feed on your site (and the comments if you want to) to

Photo Dropper: One of the things I hate is finding pictures and then making sure I’m not going to get sued by giving the right kind of attribution. Not only that but usually I’d have to go to multiple sites for free stock photos.

Photo dropper lets you add photos to your site without leaving WP. It also puts the correct attribution link at the bottom of the post.

They have access to over 210 million photos via a Create Commons license.

The only thing I don’t like about it is that you usually have to resize the photo in WP which slows your site down. See here for more info.

For sites I really care about (like this one) I always take the photo, re-size it in GIMP and then upload it.

But it still beats searching 18 different websites for the right photo.

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Other Resources

 AdPeeps: This software helps you manage ads on your site from Advertisers that pay you directly for placement. The Advertise uploads their ad on your website and the software does everything else (expirations, statistics, etc).

Flack List/Help a Reporter Out/Reporter Connection: All of these are very similar in that they are a resource for people who want to promote their site and reporters who need people to interview. Basically you can sign up to be an ‘expert’ in something and when reporters need to interview someone, they interview you. You don’t get paid, but you get the PR.

Content Marketing InstituteGreat blog for creating and marketing quality content.

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